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Version: v1.6.x

Quick Start

🐕 Quick Start

  • If you wish to deploy Apache HertzBeat (incubating) locally, please refer to the following Deployment Documentation for instructions.

🍞 Install HertzBeat

Apache HertzBeat (incubating) supports installation through source code, docker or package, cpu support X86/ARM64.

1:Install quickly via docker
  1. Just one command to get started:

docker run -d -p 1157:1157 -p 1158:1158 --name hertzbeat apache/hertzbeat

or use (if dockerhub network connect timeout)

docker run -d -p 1157:1157 -p 1158:1158 --name hertzbeat

  1. Access http://localhost:1157 to start, default account: admin/hertzbeat

  2. Deploy collector clusters(Optional)

docker run -d -e IDENTITY=custom-collector-name -e MANAGER_HOST= -e MANAGER_PORT=1158 --name hertzbeat-collector apache/hertzbeat-collector
  • -e IDENTITY=custom-collector-name : set the collector unique identity name.
  • -e MODE=public : set the running mode(public or private), public cluster or private cloud-edge.
  • -e MANAGER_HOST= : set the main hertzbeat server ip.
  • -e MANAGER_PORT=1158 : set the main hertzbeat server port, default 1158.

Detailed config refer to Install HertzBeat via Docker

2:Install via package
  1. Download the release package hertzbeat-xx.tar.gz Download Page
  2. Configure the HertzBeat configuration yml file hertzbeat/config/application.yml (optional)
  3. Run command $ ./bin/ or bin/startup.bat
  4. Access http://localhost:1157 to start, default account: admin/hertzbeat
  5. Deploy collector clusters(Optional)
    • Download the release package hertzbeat-collector-xx.tar.gz to new machine Download Page
    • Configure the collector configuration yml file hertzbeat-collector/config/application.yml: unique identity name, running mode (public or private), hertzbeat manager-host, hertzbeat manager-port
      enabled: true
      identity: ${IDENTITY:}
      mode: ${MODE:public}
      manager-host: ${MANAGER_HOST:}
      manager-port: ${MANAGER_PORT:1158}
    • Run command $ ./bin/ or bin/startup.bat
    • Access http://localhost:1157 and you will see the registered new collector in dashboard

Detailed config refer to Install HertzBeat via Package

3:Start via source code
  1. Local source code debugging needs to start the back-end project manager and the front-end project web-app.
  2. Backend:need maven3+, java17, lombok, start the manager service.
  3. Web:need nodejs npm angular-cli environment, Run ng serve --open in web-app directory after backend startup.
  4. Access http://localhost:4200 to start, default account: admin/hertzbeat

Detailed steps refer to CONTRIBUTING

4:Install All(hertzbeat+postgresql+tsdb) via Docker-compose

Install and deploy the postgresql/mysql database, victoria-metrics/iotdb/tdengine database and hertzbeat at one time through docker-compose deployment script.

Detailed steps refer to Install via Docker-Compose

5. Install All(hertzbeat+collector+postgresql+tsdb) via kubernetes helm charts

Install HertzBeat cluster in a Kubernetes cluster by Helm chart.

Detailed steps refer to Artifact Hub