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Version: v1.5.x

Documentation Notice

Good documentation is critical for any type of software. Any contribution that can improve the HertzBeat documentation is welcome.

Get the document project

Documentation for the HertzBeat project is maintained in git repository home directory.

First you need to fork the document project into your own github repository, and then clone the document to your local computer.

git clone<your-github-user-name>/hertzbeat.git

Preview and generate static files

This website is compiled using node, using Docusaurus framework components

  1. Download and install nodejs (version 18.8.0)
  2. Clone the code to the local git clone
  3. In home directory run npm install to install the required dependent libraries.
  4. In home directory run npm run start, you can visit http://localhost:3000 to view the English mode preview of the site
  5. In home directory run npm run start-zh-cn, you can visit http://localhost:3000 to view the Chinese mode preview of the site
  6. To generate static website resource files, run npm run build. The static resources of the build are in the build directory.

Directory structure

|-- docs
|-- blog
|-- i18n
| `-- zh-CN // internationalized chinese
| |-- code.json
| |-- docusaurus-plugin-content-blog
| |-- docusaurus-plugin-content-docs
| `-- docusaurus-theme-classic
|-- resource // static resource file
|-- src
| |-- theme
| |-- css
| |-- js
| |-- pages
| | |-- components
| | |-- index.js
| |-- constants.js
|-- static // picture static resource
| |-- img //
| | |-- blog // blog picture
| | |-- docs // document picture
| | |-- home // product picture
| | |-- icons // icon
|-- docusaurus.config.js
|-- sidebars.js // document sidebar menu configuration


Naming convention of files

Consist entirely of lowercase letters, numbers, underscores, and dashes.

Positive example: render-dom.js / signup.css / index.html / company-logo.png /

Counter example: renderDom.js / UserManagement.html

Resource Path

Image resources are unified under static/img/{module name}

css and other style files are placed in the src/css directory

Page content modification

All pages doc can be directly jumped to the corresponding github resource modification page through the 'Edit this page' button at the bottom