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Version: v1.5.x

Mailing Lists

The Developer Mailing List is the community-recommended way to communicate and obtain the latest information.

Before you post anything to the mailing lists, be sure that you already subscribe to them.


Developer List

  • Use this list for your HertzBeat questions
  • Used by HertzBeat contributors to discuss development of HertzBeat
List NameAddressSubscribeUnsubscribeArchive
Developer Listdev@hertzbeat.apache.orgsubscribeunsubscribearchive

Notification List

  • Notifications on changes to the HertzBeat codebase
List NameAddressSubscribeUnsubscribeArchive
Notification Listnotifications@hertzbeat.apache.orgsubscribeunsubscribearchive

Steps for Subscription

Sending a subscription email is also very simple. The steps are as follows:

  • 1、Subscribe: Click the subscribe button in the above table, and it redirects to your mail client. The subject and content are arbitrary. After that, you will receive a confirmation email from (if not received, please confirm whether the email is automatically classified as SPAM, promotion email, subscription email, etc.).
  • 2、Confirm: Reply directly to the confirmation email, or click on the link in the email to reply quickly. The subject and content are arbitrary.
  • 3、Welcome: After completing the above steps, you will receive a welcome email with the subject WELCOME to, and you have successfully subscribed to the Apache HertzBeat mailing list.

Post Plain Text Mails

When posting to the mailing lists, please use plain text emails. Do not use HTML emails. HTML emails are more likely to be targeted as spam mails and rejected. It may get malformed through different mail clients and not easily readable by others.