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Version: v1.3.x


An open source, real-time monitoring system with custom-monitoring and agentLess.

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🎡 Introduction

HertzBeat is an open source, real-time monitoring system with custom-monitor and agentLess.
Monitoring+Alarm+Notify all in one. Support monitoring web service, database, os, middleware, cloud-native, network and more.
Easy to use, full web-based operation, monitoring and alerting at the click of a mouse, zero learning cost.
More flexible threshold rule(calculation expression), timely notification delivery by Discord Slack Telegram Email DingDing WeChat FeiShu Webhook SMS.

We make protocols such as Http, Jmx, Ssh, Snmp, Jdbc, Prometheus configurable, and you only need to configure YML online to collect any metrics you want.
Do you believe that you can immediately adapt a new monitoring type such as K8s or Docker just by configuring online?

HertzBeat's powerful custom-define, multi-type support, easy expansion, low coupling, hope to help developers and micro teams to quickly build their own monitoring system.
We also provide Monitoring SaaS Cloud, users no longer need to deploy a cumbersome monitoring system in order to monitor resources. Get started for free.



🥐 Architecture

  • manager Provide monitoring management, system management basic services.

    Provides monitoring management, monitoring configuration management, system user management, etc.

  • collector Provide metrics data collection services.

    Use common protocols to remotely collect and obtain peer-to-peer metrics data.

  • scheduler Provide monitoring task scheduling service.

    Collection task management, scheduling and distribution of one-time tasks and periodic tasks.

  • warehouse Provide monitoring data warehousing services.

    Metrics data management, data query, calculation and statistics.

  • alerter Provide alert service.

    Alarm calculation trigger, monitoring status linkage, alarm configuration, and alarm notification.

  • web-app Provide web ui.

    Angular Web UI.



⛄ Supported