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Cloud monitoring system HertzBeat v1.1.3 released!

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Hi guys! HertzBeat v1.1.3 is coming. This version supports kafka monitor, ssl certificate expired monitor and more. Fixed several bugs and improved the overall stable usability.

Only one docker command is needed to install and experience hertzbeat: docker run -d -p 1157:1157 --name hertzbeat apache/hertzbeat

Thanks to the contributors! 👍👍


  1. [web-app]feature:update monitors layout, support host copy to clipboard #260
  2. [monitor] feature: support apache kafka monitor #263 contribute by @wang1027-wqh
  3. [webapp] support history chart query 3 mouth time range #265 issue by @ericfrol
  4. [monitor] support ssl certificate expired monitor #266 suggest by @noear
  5. [web-app] update default interval 600s to 120s #268
  6. [web-app] update layout ui - help button, nav menu #272
  7. [alert,webapp] support delete all alerts at once. #273 issue by @ericfrol
  8. [web-app] update home background image #276


  1. [docs] fix parseScript error #262 contribute by @woshiniusange .
  2. [monitor] update help docs, refactor redis metrics name #264
  3. [manager] bugfix alert tags is null when tags map key normal value null. #270 issue by
  4. [alert] bugfix: the alert global preset config do not take effect #275 issue by


Have Fun!