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Welcome to HertzBeat Community Committer!

· 5 min read

! hertzBeat

It's great to welcome a new community Committer, unlike other contributors logicz comes from an Ops implementation position at Cyberoam rather than a development position, but the quality of the contributions, both in terms of code and documentation etc. is very high 👍. This is also our HertzBeat and other open source projects are not the same place, because the user group is more oriented to the operation and maintenance of the development, in our 139 contributors in the operation and maintenance engineers accounted for more than 30%, which breaks the open source project collaboration and contribution to the object are the inherent cognition of the development position, which shows that whether it is the operation and maintenance engineers and test engineers to contribute to the open source project participation is very enthusiastic! This shows that both operation and maintenance engineers and test engineers are very enthusiastic about contributing to open source projects, not just as bystanders to open source collaboration. Participation in open source projects is not exclusive to a certain group of people, but is open to all who want to participate, it may be a document, a script or a piece of code, imagine your participation in the open source project is deployed to thousands of servers to run running, to help others to be used or browse the Review discussion, git record will always be kept, this may be the significance of participation in open source projects.

Welcome HertzBeat's newest community committer logicz, let's learn more about his open source experience!


Nickname: logicz


Work:iFLYTEK technical support & operation and maintenance

Hertzbeat Committer


Getting to know Hertzbeat

In March 2023, I started to contact Hertzbeat, due to the need for a complete monitoring->alerting platform for the project, due to the deployment of the project on the intranet, the company's internal closed-source monitoring platform can not be developed to meet the needs of cross-network segment alerts. Later in the github looking for open source monitoring platform, found Hertzbeat, easy to deploy and full-featured. The most important thing is that the author tom replies to issues and updates very quickly, very much in line with my imagination of the open source community, I'm very happy to be able to participate in open source and can see their own results for everyone to use.

Ongoing open source contributions and gains

So far, to participate in the Hertzbeat open source project has been more than five months, from the first time to submit issues to the first time to submit pr, are the process of growth and progress, full count or a lot of pr, specific as follows:

contribution :

  • Realize real-time data deposited into Redis custom db

  • New historical data deposited into GreptimeDB

  • provide monitoring batch import, export to xlsx and yml file function

  • Provide Web page custom mail server settings

  • Provide Apache doris FE,BE monitoring template.

  • Implement Server Chan (Server Chan) alarm push notification.

  • Access to third-party alarms (Tencent Cloud) to realize unified push notification of third-party alarms and Hertzbeat alarms.

  • Fix bugs such as not including collector information when importing and exporting monitoring.

  • Several document updates

    • Harvesting **:
  • Hertzbeat is really an excellent project, in terms of project deployment, scripts and configuration are very standardized, I write a lot of my own projects have to draw on

  • The most important thing is to harvest the spirit of open source, we are in a community to communicate together, progress

Thanks to the community partners

Thanks to the author tom's guidance, he is really very good, patient and diligent, often in the middle of the night to change the bugs, thanks to him step by step to take me to the open source road (and also sent me two open source community T-shirts ^_^)

A little advice for newcomers

  • open source is not easy, to be able to stick with it, and share their results with everyone is a great sense of achievement
  • Adopt good code habits, code can be written poorly, comments must be written clearly, so that other people can read and modify your code.

What is HertzBeat?

HertzBeat HertzBeat is an open source real-time monitoring and alerting system with powerful customizable monitoring capabilities, high-performance clustering, and no Agent required.


  • HertzBeat is an open source real-time monitoring and alerting system with powerful customizable monitoring capabilities, high performance clustering, and no agent required.
  • Easy to use and friendly, no need for Agent, full WEB page operation, a little mouse click to monitor and alerts, zero hands-on learning costs.
  • Configurable protocols such as Http, Jmx, Ssh, Snmp, Jdbc, etc. Just configure the monitoring template YML in your browser to customize the metrics you want to collect using these protocols. Can you believe that you can instantly adapt to a new type of monitoring such as K8s or Docker by just configuring it?
  • High performance, support for horizontal scaling of multiple collector clusters, support for multi-isolated network monitoring, cloud-side collaboration.
  • Free alert threshold rules, Email Discord Slack Telegram WeChat Dingtalk Flybook SMS Webhook Server Chan and other methods of timely delivery of messages.

HertzBeat's powerful customization, multi-type support, high performance, easy to extend, low-coupling, and hopefully can help developers and teams to quickly build their own monitoring system.


More users are welcome to participate in HertzBeat open source collaboration, no matter a typo or punctuation we are very welcome.