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Welcome to HertzBeat Community Committer!

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! hertzBeat

Welcome to HertzBeat's three new community committeers, let's learn more about their open source experience!

New Committer - vinci

Name: Wang Jianing

First year graduate student, School of Computer Science, Zhejiang University

Github ID: vinci-897

Getting to know Hertzbeat for the first time

In March 2023, I noticed Hertzbeat's project, so I directly sent an email to Tom in the community to ask if I could join, and he replied very quickly. It just so happened that I was in my senior year of college when I had more time, so I decisively picked an issue to resolve and had my first pull request at Hertzbeat.

Start submitting PR

In the following period, I spent some time reading Hertzbeat's code, and submitted a few PRs off and on until April, when I learned about the Summer of Open Source event, and it just so happened that Hertzbeat was participating as well, so I submitted my application information and was selected. My task is mainly responsible for the implementation of a push collector, in the process of writing the code, I got a lot of community mentor Zheng Chenxin and Tom to help, and finally was able to successfully complete the code, the whole process is still relatively smooth.

Open source contributions

  • Add push module to expose interface for users to push data.
  • Implement the collection of push data in the collector module.
  • Implement user-defined data display in the front-end.


  • Exposed to a great open source community and improved my skills in related areas.

Thanks to Tom and my ospp mentor, Zheng Chenxin, who gave me a lot of help and advice during my exposure to the open source community. Currently I am still in charge of some of the code development in the community, I hope Hertzbeat can be better and better in the future!

New Committer - SongXiao

Name: Zhou Shusheng

Junior student at Henan Normal University

Getting to know Hertzbeat for the first time

In March this year, under the influence of Xiaobao's seniors, I had some concepts about open source projects and laid the foundation for learning open source projects later, but I didn't go further because I only learned some Java basics at that time.

Start submitting PR

In July this year, after basically completing the study of Java framework development, with the encouragement of Xiaobao, I started to try to pull issues, and submitted my first PR on July 20, during this period, I also consulted with the author of Hertzbeat and Dongfeng for some related issues, thank you very much.

Open source contributions

  • Support for Spring Gateway, Apache Spark, Apache Hive and other services metrics collection
  • Customize nginx and pop3 protocols to collect metrics for Nginx and POP3 mailbox servers, and add corresponding help files.


  • Exposed to better and more complex large-scale projects, improved programming and problem-solving skills.
  • Put the theoretical knowledge into practice, gained JUC, microservice related development experience, and valuable project experience.

Thanks to our community partners

Thanks to the author of HertzBeat, HertzBeat/Sms4j Committer Tiejia Xiaobao, Sms4j Committer Dongfeng, when I encountered problems that I could not solve, I often asked the three brothers to ask for advice, and they are always tired of patiently helping me solve the problem, there are really no words.

Thanks to the other partners in the community, I've gained a lot from communicating and discussing with them, and I've also felt the active open source atmosphere in the community.

Some advice for newcomers

  • When you first get involved in an open source project, start with simple tasks. Gradually familiarize yourself with the code and process of the project, and gradually take on more complex tasks.
  • If you encounter problems that you can't solve by yourself, you can ask for help from the community.

New Committer - Dongfeng

**Name: Zhang Yang

Freshman from Henan Normal University

Getting to know hertzbeat for the first time

In June of this year, I started to learn more about the project, I was recommended by a friend to learn about the project, I have been exploring open source projects and communities, and I like the atmosphere of sharing, discussing and improving each other. At the same time, I also tried to implement some monitoring in my previous projects, so I am more interested in this project.

Start submitting PR

Since July this year, I found hertzbeat's issues and prs are very active, so I went through their issues and prs to find out how to implement monitoring for a certain protocol. Then I found out that there is a task about smtp protocol monitoring, so I discussed with the author on the issue, and then I finished my pr through documentation and code.

Open source contributions

  • Implementation of smtp, ntp, websocket availability monitoring.
  • Implement monitoring metrics for memcached and NebulaGraph.
  • Add documentation for the implemented monitoring.


  • Gained monitoring-related development experience and added a valuable project experience.
  • Gained a deeper understanding of network protocols.
  • I gained a deeper understanding of network protocols. I gained a preliminary understanding of the contribution process of open source projects.

Thank you to our community partners.

Thanks to the authors of hertzbeat for the documentation and help. Thanks to my friends for providing me with the courage to try to enter the open source project to contribute. Thanks to other community members for their issues and prs, which accelerated my understanding of the project.

A bit of advice for newcomers

  • Issues and pr's are the knock on the door of the project you are getting to know, so be willing to discuss and express your opinion.
  • No matter how big or small your contribution is, be willing to try and keep improving yourself.

What is HertzBeat?

HertzBeat HertzBeat is an open source real-time monitoring and alerting system with powerful customizable monitoring capabilities, high performance clustering, Prometheus compatibility, and no Agent required.


  • Integrate Monitoring+Alerting+Notification into one system, support monitoring thresholds and alerting notifications for application services, applications, databases, caches, operating systems, big data, middleware, web servers, cloud-native, networks, customization, etc. in one step.
  • Easy to use and friendly, no need for Agent, full WEB page operation, a little mouse click to monitor alarms, zero start-up learning costs.
  • Configurable Http, Jmx, Ssh, Snmp, Jdbc, Prometheus protocol specification, just configure the monitoring template YML in your browser to customize the metrics you want to collect using these protocols. Do you believe that you can instantly adapt to a new type of monitoring such as K8s or Docker just by configuring it?
  • Compatible with Prometheus system ecosystem and more, you can monitor what Prometheus can monitor with a single page action.
  • High-performance, supports horizontal scaling of multiple collector clusters, multi-isolated network monitoring, and cloud-side collaboration.
  • Free alarm threshold rules, Email Discord Slack Telegram Nail WeChat Flybook SMS Webhook Server sauce and other methods of timely delivery of messages.

HertzBeats powerful customization, multi-type support, high performance, easy to extend, low coupling, hope to help developers and teams quickly build their own monitoring system.



Welcome more partners to participate in HertzBeat's open source collaboration, no matter a typo or punctuation we are very welcome, we learn together to make progress, the goal is to do a world-class open source software.