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HertzBeat First Apache version v1.6.0 released now!

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Hi guys, We are excited to announce that Apache HertzBeat (incubating) has released its first Apache version v1.6.0! 🎉.

Through nearly five months of community development iteration and two months of Apache Incubator incubation process, Apache HertzBeat (incubating) v1.6.0 is finally out.
In this version, we added monitoring for OpenAi, Redfish protocol servers, plugin mechanism, and support for NebulaGraph, Apache Yarn, HDFS, Hbase, Storm, and more functional features.
Due to license compatibility issues, we replaced multiple dependencies at the bottom layer, Hibernate -> EclipseLink, which is also a rare migration pitfall practice in the JPA ecosystem.
At the same time, some bugs were fixed and some functions were optimized, and more complete documents. Welcome everyone to try to use, put forward valuable opinions and suggestions, and promote the development of HertzBeat together.

Of course, the most important thing is to give the best thanks to the contributors in the community!

Download Page:

Upgrade Guide:

What is HertzBeat?

Apache HertzBeat (incubating) is an easy-to-use, open source, real-time monitoring system with agentless, high performance cluster, prometheus-compatible, offers powerful custom monitoring and status page building capabilities.


  • Combines monitoring, alarm, and notification features into one platform, and supports monitoring for web service, program, database, cache, os, webserver, middleware, bigdata, cloud-native, network, custom and more.
  • Easy to use and agentless, web-based and with one-click monitoring and alerting, zero learning curve.
  • Makes protocols such as Http, Jmx, Ssh, Snmp, Jdbc, Prometheus configurable, allowing you to collect any metrics by simply configuring the template YML file online. Imagine being able to quickly adapt to a new monitoring type like K8s or Docker simply by configuring online with HertzBeat.
  • Compatible with the Prometheus ecosystem and more, can monitoring what Prometheus can monitoring with few clicks on webui.
  • High performance, supports horizontal expansion of multi-collector clusters, multi-isolated network monitoring and cloud-edge collaboration.
  • Provides flexible alarm threshold rules and timely notifications delivered via Discord Slack Telegram Email Dingtalk WeChat FeiShu Webhook SMS ServerChan.
  • Provides powerful status page building capabilities, easily communicate the real-time status of your service to users.

HertzBeat's powerful customization, multi-type support, high performance, easy expansion, and low coupling, aims to help users quickly build their own monitoring system.



HertzBeat's 1.6.0 Version Release!


  • HertzBeat is donated to the Apache Incubator.
  • migrate repo, clean up code, license, add more help doc and more
  • add dependency license doc
  • [feature]Hertzbeat custom plugin. by @zqr10159 in #1973
  • [feature] add apache hugegraph monitor by @zhangshenghang in #1972
  • [improve][HIP] HIP-01: Implement refactoring AbstractCollect by @crossoverJie in #1966
  • [feature] Support monitoring of OpenAI accounts by @zuobiao-zhou in #1947
  • [feature] add apache yarn monitor by @zhangshenghang in #1937
  • [featrue]add apache hdfs monitor by @zhangshenghang in #1920
  • [feature] support use ngql query metrics from nebulaGraph by @LiuTianyou in #1917
  • [feature] support random jwt secret when not custom by @tomsun28 in #1897
  • feat Support Time Type to Tengine Data Storage by @Clownsw in #1890
  • [feature] support the VictoriaMetrics cluster by @xuziyang in #1880
  • [feature] support flyway database migration by @tomsun28 in #1875
  • [feature] Support Redfish protocol to monitoring server by @gjjjj0101 in #1867
  • [feature] add influxdb metrics monitoring by @TJxiaobao in #1730
  • [improve] use apache jexl replace of aviator by @tomsun28 in #1859
  • [feature] Add Linux process monitoring by @zhangshenghang in #1857
  • [feature] Add Apache Hbase RegionServer monitoring by @zhangshenghang in #1833
  • [improve] use eclipselink orm replace of hibernate orm by @tomsun28 in #1801
  • [feature]Add monitoring for Hbase Master by @zhangshenghang in #1820
  • [feature] Improve the import checkstyle by @crossoverJie in #1802
  • [Improve]When multiple lines are returned, each alarm is triggered instead of only the first alarm by @15613060203 in #1797
  • [improve]Add external lib folder to store mysql and oracle driver. by @zqr10159 in #1783
  • [feature:update-checkstyle] Limit the java file header by @YxYL6125 in #1799
  • monitor center add search type modal by @tomsun28 in #1699
  • mongodb monitoring support custom connection timeout param by @ZY945 in #1697
  • System config theme by @TJxiaobao in #1636
  • [feature] add storm monitor by @starmilkxin in #1673
  • add a online prometheus parser and a prometheus-like push style. by @vinci-897 in #1644
  • and more bugfix, doc, features power by our contributors, thanks to them.

What's Changed

New Contributors

Just one command to get started

docker run -d -p 1157:1157 -p 1158:1158 --name hertzbeat apache/hertzbeat

or use (if dockerhub network connect timeout)

docker run -d -p 1157:1157 -p 1158:1158 --name hertzbeat

Detailed refer to HertzBeat Document


Download Page:

Upgrade Guide:

Have Fun!

HertzBeat, Make Monitoring Easier!

Apache HertzBeat Team