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Welcome to HertzBeat Community Committer!

· 3 min read


🎉 I am very pleased to become a Committer for the Apache HertzBeat project, and I have been invited by the community to introduce myself 🥰.

I have been working in backend development since I started my career in 2015, engaging in business development, infrastructure, and technical management. Currently, I am working as an infrastructure engineer at an internet company.

I have always been passionate about the open-source community, and I am also a Committer for Apache Pulsar and a Contributor for OpenTelemetry and VictoriaMetrics.

My Connection with HertzBeat

In April of this year, when HertzBeat entered the Apache Incubator, I happened to see a recommendation on a WeChat public account in my social circle.

My first reaction was that the name was really well chosen 😄. Then, after looking closely at the features it provides and the problems it solves, I realized its powerful functionalities 💪.

Since I also need to maintain an observability system at my company, and I have participated in an open-source project called cprobe (which has some similar goals to HertzBeat), I have some experience with monitoring systems and a strong interest in them. Therefore, I read the documentation and quickly started it locally (the community has done a great job in this regard, as many open-source projects lose potential developers right at the initial startup step).

Starting Contributions

My first PR was to fix an incorrect path in a PR template, and the community responded very quickly, which gave me a very positive impression.

So I started reading some of the core collection code of HertzBeat and found that many logics did not have unit tests at the time. Thus, I began to fill in these tests.

Starting with unit tests is indeed a good way to get familiar with a new project.

While supplementing the unit tests, I also discovered some code logic optimizations and code formatting inconsistencies, which I addressed and reported to the community.

Similarly, the community's response was swift 🏎, which greatly encouraged my enthusiasm.

During this process, I also incorporated some excellent experiences from other communities (Pulsar, OpenTelemetry) into HertzBeat. Everyone learned from each other, which is undoubtedly the charm of open source.

Lastly, I want to thank the community's logicz for inviting me to become a Committer and tom for reviewing my PRs. I wish HertzBeat a successful graduation from the incubator and becoming a star project 🎊.