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First acquaintance with Apache Hertzbeat

I first came into contact with the Apache Hertzbeat project by chance. At that time, I was looking for an open source project to monitor our company's related services. As a general monitoring project, Apache Hertzbeat naturally came into my sight. I began to understand its architecture and functions by reading official documents and browsing the project's code base.

Start contributing

After having a preliminary understanding of the project, I found that it needed to complete the monitoring scope of the big data field, so I decided to start contributing some code. I started with supplementing big data monitoring. This not only helped me understand the project more deeply, but also gradually let other members of the community know me. I remember that the first Pull Request I submitted was to add a new Hbase cluster monitoring template. Although it seems insignificant, I was very excited when it was merged. This was a real interaction between me and the open source community and my first step towards greater contribution.

In-depth participation

As my understanding of the project deepened, I began to challenge some more complex problems. I read a lot of code, participated in daily discussions in the community, monthly meeting discussions, and actively spoke in issue/pr. These activities not only helped me improve my technical skills, but also gave me a better grasp of the direction of the project. I began to put forward my own ideas and suggestions, actively participated in design discussions, and proposed some new features.

Nominated as Committer

After a period of active contribution, I received a nomination from the community (tom) Committer. Becoming a Committer means that I will have greater responsibilities and authority. The nomination process is open and transparent, and every member of the community has the opportunity to express their opinions.

Experience after becoming a Committer

After becoming a Committer, my role has changed. Not only did I continue to contribute code, I also began to be responsible for reviewing other contributors' code, helping them solve problems, and guiding their contributions. This process has taught me a lot and made me more deeply realize the importance of community collaboration.

As a Committer, I need to find a balance between code quality and project development. I learned how to conduct code reviews effectively, how to provide constructive feedback, and how to deal with conflicts. These experiences have not only improved my technical skills, but also made me make great progress in communication and collaboration.

Mental journey

Looking back on the whole process, from the initial wait-and-see attitude to active participation, and then to becoming a Committer, I have experienced a lot of challenges and growth. Sometimes I feel confused because of technical difficulties, and sometimes I feel lost because my contribution is not accepted. But it is these challenges that make me constantly reflect and improve, and constantly improve my abilities.

In this process, I also received help and support from many people. The predecessors in the community gave me a lot of guidance and advice, and their selfless sharing benefited me a lot. I also met many like-minded friends. We participated in open source together, discussed problems together, solved problems together, and celebrated success together.

Personal feelings

Becoming a Committer of Apache Hertzbeat is an important milestone in my career. This is not only a recognition of my technical ability, but also an affirmation of my contribution to the open source community. Becoming a Committer is not an end, but a new beginning. I still have a lot to learn and improve.

This process made me understand the importance of cooperation and made me feel the charm of the open source spirit. Open source is not only a way to share technology, but also a concept of collaboration and common progress. I am very honored to be a member of the Apache Hertzbeat community and hope to continue to contribute to the development of the project in the future.


Becoming a Committer of the Apache Hertzbeat project is a challenging and rewarding journey. Through continuous learning and contribution, I have not only improved my technical ability, but also found a sense of belonging and accomplishment in the community. I hope that my experience can inspire more people to participate in the open source community and jointly promote the progress and development of technology. To borrow the words of Tom: Participating in open source should not affect everyone's work and life, otherwise it will go against the original intention. Everyone should participate in the free time after get off work.