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Version: v1.6.x


Collect and monitor the general performance metrics of Kubernetes.

Pre-monitoring operations

If you want to monitor the information in 'Kubernetes', you need to obtain an authorization token that can access the API Server, so that the collection request can obtain the corresponding information.

Refer to the steps to obtain token

method one:

  1. Create a service account and bind the default cluster-admin administrator cluster role

kubectl create serviceaccount dashboard-admin -n kube-system

  1. User Authorization
kubectl create clusterrolebinding dashboard-admin --clusterrole=cluster-admin --serviceaccount=kube-system:dashboard-admin
kubectl -n kube-system get secret | grep dashboard-admin | awk '{print $1}'
kubectl describe secret {secret} -n kube-system

method two:

kubectl create serviceaccount cluster-admin
kubectl create clusterrolebinding cluster-admin-manual --clusterrole=cluster-admin --serviceaccount=default:cluster-admin
kubectl create token --duration=1000h cluster-admin

Configure parameters

Parameter nameParameter Help describes the
Monitor HostTHE MONITORED PEER IPV4, IPV6 OR DOMAIN NAME. Note ⚠️ that there are no protocol headers (eg: https://, http://).
Monitoring NameA name that identifies this monitoring that needs to be unique.
APiServer portK8s APiServer port, default 6443
tokenAuthorize the Access Token
URLThe database connection URL is optional, if configured, the database name, user name and password parameters in the URL will override the parameter
The acquisition interval isMonitor the periodic data acquisition interval, in seconds, and the minimum interval that can be set is 30 seconds
Whether to probe theWhether to check the availability of the monitoring before adding a monitoring is successful, and the new modification operation
Description CommentFor more information identifying and describing the remarks for this monitoring, users can remark the information here

Collect metrics

metric collection: nodes

Metric Namemetric unitMetrics help describe
node_nameNoneNode name
is_readyNoneNode Status
capacity_cpuNoneCPU capacity
capacity_memoryNoneMemory capacity
creation_timeNoneNode creation time

metric Collection: namespaces

Metric Namemetric unitMetrics help describe
namespaceNonenamespace name

metric collection: pods

Metric Namemetric unitMetrics help describe
podNonePod name
namespaceNoneThe namespace
statusNonePod status
restartNoneNumber of restarts
host_ipNoneThe IP address of the host is
pod_ipNonepod ip
creation_timeNonePod creation time
start_timeNonePod startup time

metric Collection: services

Metric Namemetric unitMetrics help describe
serviceNoneService Name
namespaceNoneThe namespace
typeNoneService Type ClusterIP NodePort LoadBalancer ExternalName
cluster_ipNonecluster ip
selectorNonetag selector matches