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Version: v1.6.x

Monitoring:PING connectivity

Ping the opposite end HOST address and judge its connectivity.

Configuration parameter

Parameter nameParameter help description
Monitoring HostMonitored IPV4, IPV6 or domain name. Note⚠️Without protocol header (eg: https://, http://)
Monitoring nameIdentify the name of this monitoring. The name needs to be unique
Ping timeoutSet the timeout when Ping does not respond to data, unit:ms, default: 3000ms
Collection intervalInterval time of monitor periodic data collection, unit: second, and the minimum interval that can be set is 30 seconds
Whether to detectWhether to detect and check the availability of monitoring before adding monitoring. Adding and modifying operations will continue only after the detection is successful
Description remarksFor more information about identifying and describing this monitoring, users can note information here

Collection Metric

Metric set:summary

Metric nameMetric unitMetric help description
responseTimemsWebsite response time

Common Problem

  1. Ping connectivity monitoring exception when installing hertzbeat for package deployment.
    The hertzbeat installed and deployed by the installation package is not available for ping connectivity monitoring, but local direct ping is available 。

    The deployment of the installation package requires configuring the root permission of the Java virtual machine to start hertzbeat to use ICMP. If the root permission is not enabled, judge whether port 7 of telnet opposite end is opened.
    When you install HertzBeat via DockerDocker root is enabled by default. No such problem.