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Version: v1.5.x

Custom plugin

Custom plugins


Currently, Hertzbeat relies on the alert module to notify the user, and then the user can take actions such as sending requests, executing sql, executing shell scripts, etc. However, this can only be automated manually or by webhook to receive the alert message. However, at present, it is only possible to automate the process by receiving alert messages manually or through a webhook. For this reason, HertzBeat has added a new plugin module, which has a generic interface Plugin, which allows users to implement the alert method of this interface and receive the Alert class as a parameter to customize the operation. After adding the customized code, you only need to package the plugin module, copy it to the /ext-lib folder under the installation directory, restart the HertzBeat main program, and then you can execute the customized function after the alert, without having to re-package and deploy the whole program by yourself. Currently, HertzBeat only set up the trigger alert method after alarm, if you need to set up the trigger method at the time of acquisition, startup program, etc., please mention Task in

Specific uses

  1. Pull the master branch code git clone and locate the plugin module's Plugin interface. plugin-1.png
  2. In the org.apache.hertzbeat.plugin.impl directory, create a new interface implementation class, such as org.apache.hertzbeat.plugin.impl.DemoPluginImpl, and receive the Alert class as a parameter, implement the alert method, the logic is customized by the user, here we simply print the object. plugin-2.png
  3. Package the hertzbeat-plugin module. plugin-3.png
  4. Copy the packaged jar package to the ext-lib directory under the installation directory (for docker installations, mount the ext-lib directory first, then copy it there). plugin-4.png
  5. Then restart HertzBeat to enable the customized post-alert handling policy.