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Version: v1.6.x

Monitoring Flink

Collect and monitor the general performance Metrics of Flink.

Configuration parameter

Parameter NameParameter Help Description
Monitor HostThe monitored peer IPV4, IPV6, or domain name. Note: Do not include protocol headers (e.g., https://, http://).
Task NameIdentifier for this monitoring task, name must be unique.
PortMonitoring port.
Query TimeoutSets the timeout for JVM connection in milliseconds, default is 3000 milliseconds.
SSLWhether to enable SSL (default is off).
UsernameConnection username.
PasswordConnection password.
Collection IntervalInterval for periodic data collection during monitoring, in seconds. The minimum settable interval is 30 seconds.
Whether to detectWhether to perform a probe check for monitoring availability before adding a new monitor; operations proceed if successful.
Description RemarksAdditional identifiers and descriptions for this monitoring, where users can note information.

Collection Metrics

Metrics Set:Overview

Metric NameMetric UnitMetric Help Description
slots_totalUnitsTotal number of slots.
slots_usedUnitsNumber of slots used.
task_totalUnitsTotal number of tasks.
jobs_runningUnitsNumber of jobs running.
jobs_failedUnitsNumber of jobs failed.